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A Pool Inspector will follow specific steps when inspecting swimming pool. On arrival at the swimming pool property, the inspector looks around the general area to get an overview of the site and to observe any potential safety hazards.

The inspector will check the pumps and filters in the mechanical room. If a flowmeter is present on the filter, the flow rate in gallons per minute is recorded on the report. A flowmeter is required on new construction or modifications of existing equipment. There are specific flow rates needed to turn over the water of the pool within the required periods.

After inspecting the pump room, the inspector walks around all of the pools to look for problems or safety concerns. At the time of the walk about they will check the stability of all ladders,handrails and general structure of the pool.
After completing the survey of the pool, the inspector will fill out the inspection form for the property. 

Maintaining a swimming pool takes time and money. Pools consist of many systems; the structure itself, as well as electrical, plumbing & mechanical systems.  So there's alot to maintain including pumps, filters, lights, valves, sometimes a heater and other features.  Each pool is different, therefore the exact cost of maintaining your pool will depend on many factors such as the pool's age, surface area, type of finish, water capacity, type of pump & cleaning system.

If you have kids, you definitely need to consider a fence. In fact, a fence should be seriously considered even if you don't have children yourself because your friends, neighbors or relatives might have kids. Many localities have barrier laws requiring not only a fence around the pool, but also self-latching gates and auto-closers on all doors leading to the pool.  So be sure to check out and comply with pool barrier laws in your area.
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